Wednesday, November 6, 2013

VW Values: Design

Unnecessary, but essential. Timeless, but uncomplicated. Functional, but simple. What makes people want to drive a car has a lot to do with its good design because it helps define and identify a brand, work with different vehicle components and serve a function, while also looking good. It is true that good design matters, and Volkswagen's distinct design is what helped shape its vehicles since the inception of the German automaker in 1937. Today, the VW brand is the third largest in the automotive industry. Contrary to the beliefs of many, design matters, and it is much more than just the exterior of a vehicle; it is also about a vehicles interior, from its seats to its dash.

The old automotive adage, "it's the exterior of the car that attracts a driver, but the interior that keeps them," completely encompasses design. Most people would never see the inside of a vehicle were it not for the good design of the exterior. All this said, you may wonder how VW has excelled at its vehicle designs since its birth all those years ago; you may also wonder about the design tactics they are employing today. To find out, what to expect from VW, from their design standpoint, read on and then get behind the wheel of a VW today.

1. Design That Has a Purpose.

Volkswagen never designs a vehicle only to make a point or to look good, they design with a purpose for all vehicles to meet function with form. VW accomplishes this with their mantra that "every design element has a purpose and nothing seems out of place," which has been their mantra since the very earliest vehicles.

2. Seat Design.

Seat design should never be overlooked in any vehicle design and is one of the main aspects in all VW models. This is because estimates prove an average driver is in the driver's seat for about 12 to 15,000 miles per year. For so much time behind the wheel, VW must ensure drivers and passengers remain comfortable in their well design, supportive and spacious seats. VW takes new heights with all models, but it is the small details that count and seat design is one of these areas.

3. "Infotainment," is a Term Describing Many Front Consoles.

A word that describes the information and entertainment on the front consoles of most vehicles is infotainment, which includes entertainment like a satellite radio and information like GPS mapping. This article started out telling you about VW's pride in designs with simplicity in mind, leaving nothing that is unnecessary. This attitude is what gives the front consoles and instrument panels their ergonomic design, with the purpose to be both easy to understand and easy to use. There are no confusing buttons and high-tech display screens so drivers are not overwhelmed - everything is simple enough so that drivers who are not tech savvy can sue the instruments with ease and efficiency.

4. If Not for the Exterior Design the Interior Would Never be Seen.

With their simple exterior, VW vehicles are easy to recognize, and it is the how they have been making vehicles since 1937, when the first cars were made ready for the German public.

It is easy to see how much design matters, as it will either diminish or boost the person's overall driving experience. Complete information can be found about how important good design is and about all design elements that make a VW unique to its competition, at O'Steen Volkswagen.

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