Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Urgent RV Sales Are Sometimes Called For

There are really two types of people, those who go on vacation, and those who live on vacation. In just about any walk of life, you have the option of going about things in a ho hum manner, dedicating yourself to something within reason, or going all the way. In Earl's family, the philosophy on most of their hobbies, and especially the way they tailgate and vacation, is go big or go home.

There are those who arrive for a football game a few hours before kickoff, enjoy a hotdog, and then go and watch the game. Some people show up in the morning, eat and drink all day, and then enjoy some pigskin action. Earl's family shows up on Thursday for a game played on Saturday.

There is nothing new about groups of diehard fans that descend on college football venues a day or two in advance of the game. Sometimes they travel a thousand miles or more to enjoy a three-hour game. Of course, it is much more than just the game. It is the camaraderie, the atmosphere, and there is something special about caravanning as an army of fans to a hostile destination.

One year, a few weeks into the season, Earl's family faced an emergency. After years of use, their beloved Franny, the vehicle that they had taken to so many games over so many years, would go no more. Would they stop going to games for the rest of the season? Scale down the way and time that they traveled? No chance. Earl's family was dedicated.

RV sales are not usually something that happen overnight. However, in this instance, Earl's family needed wheels immediately. Thankfully for the family, Earl's dad knew a thing or two about the industry.

Franny was Earl's father's third recreational vehicle. He knew the brands, the features that he wanted, and because he traveled with groups of people who had almost every different model, he was very familiar with what was available, and what a fair price would be.

Deciding whether to look for a sales lot that focused on new or used RV sales was a big choice. Earl's dad opted to look at three different local lots. He was not against buying an old one, but he wanted to know about the history of the vehicle and get a detailed account of any repairs that had been made.

As it turns out, there is a real season for RV sales. As luck would have it, the season had just ended. That meant there were some really good deals to be found, and with great financing options, it was really a buyers market.

Needless to say, the family searched for a vehicle on Monday and Tuesday, purchased Franny's cousin Milly on Wednesday, and Thursday they were on the road heading for the next game.

There is something special about being one with the country, getting on the road, seeing friends and family, and all rooting for the same team. Having a vehicle that allows you to do that really makes for a unique and special experience.

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