Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Turn That Emergency Septic Call Into A Regular Customer!

In the service industry, someone always has an emergency requiring a service call to remedy the problem. That can put a damper on businesses unable to keep regular schedules or simply unavailable for emergency calls, especially within an industry like septic services. Some smaller companies may not have enough available septic trucks to handle emergencies, which is unfortunate in more ways than one.

Make New Customers by Being Available

When a call comes in from a panicked homeowner who is having a sudden problem with a septic system, they are hoping to find someone who can come right away to handle it. The last thing either homeowner or septic service operator wants is to have wastewater and sewage backing up into the house, out of the tank, or otherwise causing damage to the system or drain field. That is not a situation that is easy to clean up.

When such a call comes to a septic company, it is important to realize that someone is calling who, if not already a customer, is certainly someone who may become one. The call alone indicates that they either do not have a regular septic service company or that the usual one is unable to help them. By being able to send a truck and crew to handle the emergency and provide expert service and knowledge, it is much more likely that the emergency customer can become a regular one in the future.

Keep Existing Customers by Being Available

Sometimes in different service-oriented businesses, there just isn't enough time in the day to handle all possible jobs that are presented; that could be the sign of a good business or it could also be one with scheduling or staffing problems due to many reasons. A good business owner must understand that gaining new customers is always important; however, losing existing ones as a result provides no real benefit in the long run at all.

This idea becomes especially significant with calls that come in on an emergency basis. Those calling in with septic problems fall into one of three categories: a current customer; not a current customer and without a regular company to call; or not a current customer and have called because their regular service company cannot help in a timely manner. Whatever the category, an opportunity is there in all three cases.

Handling emergencies is a way for septic service companies to gain new clients - only so long as it does not take away from handling existing clients. Telling an existing customer that a truck couldn't be sent until the next day is probably what prompted the original phone call; existing customers expect a certain priority when an emergency happens and will be unhappy if that cannot be provided. It is always important to answer calls from existing customers first and then attempt to handle the requests of non-customers.

Thinking ahead, a company that does send a truck to a new customer on an emergency basis and deals with the problem, provides great service, educates the homeowner on problem prevention, and is a good company representative is likely to gain a new customer. Of course, to provide such emergency service will require workable septic trucks and staff available to go out on emergencies. It is something that a septic company should provide for before undertaking adding emergency calls outside of regular customers.

Septic companies must consider that when someone has an actual emergency that has prompted calling septic companies for a rapid response, a door has opened to provide that service and save the day, so to speak - and in the process, possibly gain a new regular customer. Plan for it, prepare for it - and then market such a septic service - customers will come!

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