Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Donation From VW for $50,000 to Surfrider Foundation

Every year during the first week of August Television viewers will tune into the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, which is a program that is full of new shark related features, similar to the impact on sharks global warming is having, sharks and shark attacks people caught on video and the mock documentary about Megalodon, the prehistoric shark. American based Volkswagen was also there as both Shark Week's fundraising and presenting sponsor for two years in a row. So, as you were watching the many great programs that all helped to make up Shark Week 2013, the paragraphs below will show you what else Volkswagen did on social media and behind the scenes.

The Surfrider Foundation

Probably one of the biggest ways in which Volkswagen helped with this year's Shark Week was their most generous $50,000 donation to an organization called Surfrider Foundation, whose purpose is for protecting the beaches, sea life, oceans and beaches. The funds were helped to be raised by VW's promotion through Twitter, in which all tweets that had the hash tag "#VWSharkWeek" scored $2 toward the efforts of the foundation, up to $50,000. Formed more than 25 years ago in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation is a group that is now active in over 18 different countries.

The Surfrider Foundation is known as a "grassroots organization" made up of water enthusiasts of every age including beach goers and surfers who all have one goal in mind, which is that the world's beaches and oceans remain protected and preserved. Due to their $50,000 donation, and all the awareness they have brought to the cause, VW is an honorary member.

The Beetle Shark Cage

Other than their Twitter campaign, there were many other tricks VW had up their sleeve for the 2013 Shark Week. If you watched the programming, last year, VW made a Beetle into a shark cage and this year, they did something similar, except rather than making a Beetle into a shark cage, they made a Beetle into a convertible shark cage. The convertible shark cage was taken on an ocean adventure by marine biologist Luke Tipple that took him close to sharks of all kinds and other oceanic species.

Not to be concerned, Luke was not harmed because of the new drive thrusters were installed, which help to power it through the sea terrain and help to give it maneuverability to navigate the ocean. The VW's website, mobile apps and social media was able to take viewers right into the convertible. When VW campaigned for the Beetle shark cage in 2012, they received attention from several different film festivals.

Since the bar has been raised for this year, the attention the sub aquatic road trip of the Beetle convertible will be interesting to see. The goodwill and entertainment value Shark Week 2013 created from their presenting sponsor and partnership with the Discovery Channel, the only question is what VW will have in store for 2014. August 2014 will bring with it the answers. You can find other information about all the Volkswagen vehicle family including the Beetle convertible and the Beetle - not including the shark cage, by contacting your local VW dealer today.

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