Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recreational Vehicles: Automobiles With Living Space And All Amenities

Experts categorize and differentiate automobiles on several basis and hence, dimensions and amenities are the factors that are considered important in the categorization. Among different existing automobile range, Recreational Vehicle, also known as RV, is an automobile that is trailer equipped with amenities and living space found in a home. Normally, RV consists of a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping amenities. Motor Home, Caravan and Camper van are the commonly used words for this type of automobile which vary enormously from one country to the other. These types of vehicles consist of:

1. Motor Home

2. Travel Trailer

3. Fifth Wheel Trailer

4. Toy Hauler

5. Pop up Trailer

6. Slide-In Camper

These automobiles are considered as temporary living quarters for recreational purposes. These are designed and developed for several brief leisure activities like vacations and camping. As already mentioned, RVs are made to take pleasure of temporary living and do not offer safe full-time living. Government of several countries does not propose or give permission to use these Motor homes as permanent dwellings. One can easily find these special vehicles in Campgrounds, RV Parks and Trailer Parks. Sometimes, these RVs are used as mobile offices by business travelers, which often include customizations like:

• Generator

• Upgraded Electrical System

• Satellite Internet

• Extra Desk Space

There are several different classes of Recreational Vehicles, which differ in multiple features. This makes them unique and one of the best creations of the human mind. These include:

Class A Motorhome: This is a special class of RV that is constructed using either a commercial truck or bus chassis as this RV class reassembles a bus structure that has a vertical or flat front end with large windows. This class of RV includes:

• Diesel Pusher

• Bus Conversion

Class B Motorhome: This class consists of camper van that is made using a conventional van in which either the back is replaced with a low-profile body, or its roof is raised. These RVs measure up to 6.4m in length and weigh 4500 kg.

Class C Motorhome: This class of RVs is made on the truck chassis with fixed cab section. Toy Hauler is typically included in a large Class C characterized by a distinctive cab-over profile. This cab-over consists of a bed and an entertainment section. These are also known as mini motor homes. Vehicles that are incorporated in this class are:

• Pop up Camper

• Truck Camper

• Teardrop Trailer

• Hybrid Trailer

• Travel Trailer

• Park Model

• Fifth-wheel Trailer

• Toy Hauler

• Hybrid Trailer

The RV lifestyle is quite famous among senior citizens as they often sell their homes and travel to warm climates during the winters. Such travelers are popular as grey nomads.

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