Wednesday, November 6, 2013

RV Windshield Wipers Blades 101

People often ask about replacing wiper blades. So we thought it might be a good topic to write an article to answer those questions. RV wiper blade 101 will be helpful in giving answers.

If one wants to ensure the optimal driving visibility while it is raining, one must admit having great windshield wipers makes it much safer. If one is like me, you do not replace them, and then when it is raining ask oneself why did not replace those the last time it rained.

No one does it, but one should check them more frequently than one does. Here are some great tips.

Inspect them once every other month. Nobody does this, but it will solve the problem of not having great wiper blades when needed. One can have them checked by a technician when you are getting routine maintenance done. When one is at a RV dealership or the gas station when one is getting fuel.

Change them at least twice a year. More than use, elements can damage your blades. Heat, wind, humidity, ice, dry storage are among the many things that can damage your wiper blades. Using them is usually not what wears them out.

Clean the rubber element every time you get fuel, or wash your vehicle. This little practice will extend their life. Please do not use them as ice scrapers. Many people use them to get rid of ice off the windshield. This shortens the life of wiper blades extremely fast. Use an ice scraper and one will reap the benefits of a longer life of your blades, save money, and have better visibility when you need it.

One probably need new wiper blades when you notice any of the following things. You notice uneven wiping on the windshield. Streaking or chattering when they are in use. You can visually see when the rubber blades get split or torn.

The best-known windshield wipers are made by a company called Tru-Vision. They produce wiper blades for recreational vehicles, buses, and other commercial vehicles. Usually you can find these at any recreational vehicle dealership or repair center.

The bottom line in regards to this maintenance is to check them more frequently than you do. You will never regret having better ones on your vehicle when it comes time to use them.They are very easily found online and at RV dealerships Best wishes for happy camping and great visibility.

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