Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aftermarket Parts: MXP Exhaust Review

When you first begin to mod your car, what is one of the first things you must do? Get a big shiny loud exhaust! But with all the choices out there, how do you know which one to get? Unfortunately, that's not an answer I can give you. However, I can tell you about an amazing exhaust that a tuning company out in California has made. In my opinion, MXP or Mackin Extreme Products has developed an exhaust that is the perfect combination of classy and sporty. We will be reviewing the MXP exhaust for the 370z.

Subtly tucked away, this exhaust likes to tease you by showing nothing but a slither of the bottom resonator and two large titanium tips. These tips come burnt with a blue color that no one can miss when walking by the car. The entire system is polished to the point where you can see all the imperfections on your face. The 370z version of the exhaust only comes with single tips, while other models, such as the GTR and the Genesis Coupe, have dual tips.

This exhaust has no fitment issue what so ever. The tips are a perfect inch or two away from the bumper and the entire exhaust fits underneath without the worry of hanging too low. Unlike a lot of aftermarket exhaust with large resonators, the design of the MXP exhaust system keeps the resonators tucked behind the rear bumper and far from the ground. However, if your ride height is extremely low, then scraping will definitely occur.

Lets get this straight. Normally, adding an exhaust to a naturally aspirated car will not dramatically improve the performance of your car. The reality is, that most any car really only gets an added 10 horsepower from a basic bolt-on exhaust. A whole bundle of other factors, such as part weight, flow resistance, and complimentary mods will have an effect that a new exhaust will have on a car. That being said, the MXP exhaust is a few lbs but not much lighter than the stock 370z exhaust. It does have less resistance in its resonators which gives it an extra smooth feeling acceleration.

For many, the sound is a very important factor when choosing an exhaust. The MXP does not give a loud "look at me" kind of sound. Nor is it so quiet that no one will notice. It has a deep growl that is extremely unique. Anyone a couple feet away will definitely have their heads turned in the direction of the car. It doesn't create an annoying drone in the cabin of the car that a lot of loud exhausts seem to cause.

The MXP exhaust is priced a little over $1000 retail. This is a very reasonable price for an exhaust made with this quality. Also, some dealers may have special deals or events that will drop the price a bit below the $1000 mark.

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