Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Decorate Your Car With Interior LED Lights

Do you enjoy living in a colorless and dark world? Most of us probably answer no to this question. Light and colors add meaning to our lives and make us conscious about our surroundings. We depend on light for our living, no matter whether they are coming from artificial or natural source. For instance, our day break out when the sun rises and similarly while working in the night we need artificial lights source. The automotive lights have become one of the best friend of humans. The artificial light on the automotive cars makes us travel in the night safely. Therefore, the car lights have become the prime safety components.

Besides, safety features, the car lights also considered as a symbol of beautification from both inside and outside. Modern drivers crave for subtle and luxurious appearance in their vehicles. LED lights are the best option to illuminate the interior and exterior of their cars. These interior lights are available in various designs such as LED strips, super flux lights, dome lights and light bars.

LED Strips: The strips contain a series of tiny colored LED bulbs attached to the single band. These strips are flexible, can be twisted and bent in any direction. They are usually installed around the grille, in the trunk, under the hood, along the dash and almost anywhere on the vehicle where you want. The LED strips consume minimal energy and produce very less heat. The silicon covering on the strips makes it water-resistant. They do not need any resistor and can work efficiently at 12 Volt. These strips are dazzling bright and emit blue, green, red, white, amber, UV and backlight version.

LED Dome light: The dome light is the collection of LED bulbs on a rectangular board and all the bulbs work independently on the circuit. If one bulb gets out, there is no need to replace the strip, just remove the bulbs and replace it with new one. The dome bulbs produce incredible lightening phenomena in green, purple, white and red. The LED lights are rigid and 5mm thick sturdy lights. The Dome LED lights are not flexible and cannot be twisted and mounted everywhere. The most suitable location to place dome LED lights is interior roof or under the dashboard.

LED Light bars: These are thin tubes and contain the set of tiny cathode LED bulbs. The cathode bulbs are mounted on the 8 inches thin bars. These bars illuminate in various colors red, blue, green, amber and white. One can install these bars on the number plate, near the registration sticker area and on above the dashboard etc.

LED Super flux light: The LED super flux lights are developed with the in-resistor and foot wire. Therefore, all it requires is to just plug-in and play. The Super flux lights allow the designer to cut the number of LEDs bulbs and give more uniform and illuminated look. These lights are popular lighting applications, such as automotive tail, stop and turn signal lamps, and electronic signs.

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