Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Show Some Tender Love And Care For Your Vehicle With Car Shampoo

If a man is really a gentleman, he should know how to care for his special girl. It is not really an issue what year your car was manufactured and released or what model it is or even how much power it has got under the hood. It does not really matter if you only reserve her for the weekend or if she is your everyday workhorse. How you shower her with TLC is actually the only thing that really matters.

Put it this way. Your car's exterior is bombarded with various elements on a daily basis, from industrial emissions to acids, from bird droppings and leaves to the sun and the rain. All of these can wreak permanent damage on your car's body. And the longer it takes before you wash these off your car, the larger the extent of the damage becomes, which can include pitting and rusting.

While harmful particles can be eliminated by washing your car with water, they can remain trapped. If you are still not convinced, there are actually a number of substantial reasons why should washing your car should be part of your weekend or daily routine.

Regularly cleaning your car and applying car polish on it is the easiest way to protect your investment in your car. This allows you to get a higher resale or trade-in value for it when you go on the market for a new one. Washing your car regularly keeps you safer on the road. As you clean your car's windshield, mirrors and signal lights, you can see better on the road. Another surprising benefit of regular car washes is that it helps improve fuel economy. A clean car also has less wind resistance which translates to lower fuel consumption. Finally, you'd feel proud riding a car that is clean and well-maintained.

Here are a number of tips for you to keep in mind in cleaning your car. The very first thing is washing your car from top to bottom. Doing so will enable you to minimise the risk of scratching the finish of your car. Furthermore, rinse the wash cloth, brush or sponge that you are using regularly to avoid residues from accumulating in them as these sediments can easily scratch your vehicle's surface or leave swirl marks. Second, it is always best to make use of a hose that has a spray nozzle that can make it possible for you to control the flow of water and conserve it at the same time. And finally, choose products for cleaning cars that are manufactured for such purposes.

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