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Protect Your Surroundings With Zero Emission Electric Cars

There is a common belief among the great people "There is no point of living a life of a human being if you have not done something remarkable." The biggest problem of the present time is the environmental pollution. To solve this issue, a number of people throughout the globe have come forward to create awareness for our mother nature. Going green does not mean that you have to start doing green acts. For this, there is a need of shift in consciousness. This shift makes you distinguish choices that you make is whether in favor or against the type of world you wish to see. Avoid using certain things as it will surely make you achieve your dream world. Your wisdom will be stored in your efforts towards saving the environment.

The idea of protecting our surroundings and reducing the pollution levels around us is not limited up to campaigns, socialists, environmental activists and other people who have a soft corner for the environment. There are several automobile manufacturers who seriously understand the problem of environmental pollution and have started thinking ecologically. Everyone blames automobiles for emitting greenhouse gasses that have majorly affected our surroundings. To vindicate themselves, several auto manufacturers have started introducing battery operated vehicles to save our planet earth. These battery operated automobiles are also known as Electric Cars.

Electric cars are well projected transport solution that has left gas pumps behind. These cars present the gasoline-free survival of tomorrow with the must-haves of today. To be precise, an electric car is a means of transportation that runs using one or more electric motor employing electrical energy amassed in energy storage devices or batteries. One can experience smooth and powerful acceleration in these cars as the electric motors used in them give immediate torque.

Nissan Leaf is one of the leaf-shaped automobile that works on the concept of battery operated cars. It gives the toy like impression to the people due to its lumpy style. This car is absolutely affordable with zero emission features. Among electric cars, the Chevrolet Volt is predicted as the first step of the American Automotive Industry towards the plug-ins market. It is truly an American Car that makes the country people feel wonderful. Another famous name in this category of cars is Ford Focus EV which gets charged up within 3 hours.

There are several benefits associated with these electric cars. These zero emission vehicles not only offer you ease in driving but also make you fulfill your promise of preserving nature. The several other benefits include:

Silent: The best feature of this electric car is its silent nature. There is no ignition takes place as a result of which no sound is produced. This feature in cars will lead to the formation of "Silent City".

Trouble-free Preservation: As there are no or few moving parts, the electric car maintenance is quite easy. These vehicles are less prone to damage and hence, no frequent oil changes are needed.

Hale and Hearty Surroundings: Electric cars do not affect the environment in any way as these are free from harmful gas emissions.

Tax Benefits: Government is also making efforts in encouraging people to go for these vehicles as those driving electric cars are given tax benefits. Even tax credits are offered to those who buy hybrid or electric cars.

Fuel Efficiency: These cars help in keeping the rates of petrol and gasoline down as their demand will be reduced. These vehicles are battery operated. Hence, there is no need of buying gasoline which will also contribute in their preservation for the future generations.

Know the Complete Details to Make Your Own HHO Generator

The technology associated with the HHO generator is not something which is very new or has been recently introduced. However, it can be said that this very innovative concept a short time ago gained in acceptance and its popularity witnessed a steep rise. In current times, there are a significant number of effective power generation options available in the market. However, it is the simple mechanism of the HHO generator and the manner in which they can generate gas from water and use it to power car is surely an innovative way to save fuel and improve the vehicle's efficiency.

How using HHO generator plans for cars can help saving money-

In almost every country the price of the gas has significantly increased in last few years. It is estimated that the reducing amount of gas will significantly push their price further in the coming years. This is the reason people are looking for alternatives using which they can keep riding their vehicle and also reduce the fuel expenditure. Apart from that, there has been growing awareness among people about the use of green technologies using which they can reduce the pollution emission of their vehicle and make their environment a more safe and beautiful place. All the reasons can be attributed behind the growing preferences of the HHO gas generator and why they are going to get more popular in the coming times.

Basics Details about the HHO Generator-

The mechanism of the HHO gas generator is quite simple and neat. It starts by making appropriate use of vehicle's battery using which it produced electric charge in the water. It is due to this charge given to the water, due to electrolysis, it gets broken into two parts. One broken part is known as 2 parts of the hydrogen atom and the second part is known as 1 part o the oxygen atom. It is this gas, which is highly combustible in nature, is then released in the combustion chamber of the vehicle's cylinder. Once when the gas is induced in the inner chamber of the cylinder it is made to explode with the help of the normal fuel air. It is this explosion that is known to propel the vehicle in its usual manner.

Build your own HHO generator-

There is no doubt that building HHO gas generator is a very simple and easy task. Any person with a little help and assistance can build a HHO generator. It is to encourage the people to build their own set of generator, a large number of agencies are offering easy to make your own HHO gas generator kits to the customers. Along with these kits, they even provide detailed instructions using which any one build an efficient and effective generator for themselves.

How Can You Build A Basic Bicycle Generator

A basic bicycle generator can be a really simple and fun project for newcomers and amateurs to the world of electronics and inventions. In this article, we will describe two different types of generators. The first one is for a pedal bike. It can be mounted onto the bike wherever you go. The other is for a stationary bike. With this one, you can easily charge a battery or power a small TV.

Acquire a Motor - The first step is to acquire a DC motor for bicycle generator. This can be acquired from an old computer or printer. Motors are present in almost every electronic item. You can even go online and buy a new motor at an affordable price. Once you have acquired or bought a motor, you need to take off o-rings and plastic gears.

Mount the Motor - The next step is to mount the motor onto the back tire of the bicycle. This will allow the tire to turn the shaft of the motor. You will also need to put a sort of disc to the arm of this motor. This will allow it to touch the tire. It is always better to use big rubber discs as they provide good friction. The turning will cause voltage to easily come across the leads on this motor.

Basic Procedure for A Stationary Bicycle - First, let us talk about a stationary bicycle. If you are trying to build a stationary bicycle generator, you will have to build a stand too. This will make sure that your back tire is elevated. You should use a multimeter or voltmeter to measure the voltage your motor is producing when you are pedaling. Usually, this will be enough to power a small TV or charge a 12 volt battery.

The next step is to attach a voltage regulator to the leads of the motor, reaching whatever equipment you want to charge or run. If you don't use a regulator, batteries can explode. For those of you who don't know, voltage regulators are small chips. They can be easily soldered onto a circuit. It is quite simple and easy to acquire a schematic for every voltage regulator. You can get them at an electronics store or online.

Once you have used a voltage regulator with motor for bicycle generator, you can feel free to run any compatible appliance. You can get around 100 to 200 watts of power. However, you need to use the right kind of motor.

Basic Procedure for A Moving Bicycle - On the other hand, if you are trying to build a generator on a moving bicycle, you just have to mount the battery holder near the back tire. It will be better if you mount it just above the tire. This way, you will not have to use long connecting wires. You also need to make sure that the wires are tight and don't get caught up in the tire. The rest of the steps are the same as a stationary bicycle generator.

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Electric Vehicle Connectors

Green is no longer just a color; it's a movement rooted in environmentalism and sustainability. As people around the world have realized that we need to protect the planet if we want it to stay healthy and beautiful for future generations, more and more products have entered the market to push the green movement forward. Electric cars are one of those developments, giving consumers the choice to be more environmentally friendly in their everyday transportation. Although most Americans own and use gas-powered cars, electric vehicles are growing in popularity and as their technology progresses, they will become even more convenient and appreciated. Electric vehicle connectors are an integral part of this new form of transportation; the cars need them to power up. But before we get into specifics, let's look at the basics of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are a type of automobile that uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion. Unlike gas-powered cars, they are fueled by electricity, which can come from a variety of sources (fossil fuels and nuclear power, but also renewable sources like tidal, solar, and wind power). They require less maintenance because they don't have as many parts as traditional vehicles, and they offer tax benefits. Electric vehicles are also easy to charge at home, run on renewable energy, and emit no pollution from their tailpipes. There are many benefits to owning an electric car, but like most things, they come with disadvantages too. Electric vehicles can take several hours to charge and aren't able to last on long road trips. They will also increase the demand for electricity and there are very few models currently available.

Charging up an electric vehicle is easy, but it will require some patience. The most convenient (but also expensive) option would be to purchase a charging station for home use. If you charge your car overnight, it will always be ready for the morning commute.

To make the process of charging an electric car more convenient, national societies and commissions work together to establish industry standards for electric vehicle connectors. The common connector for the United States is the J1772 combo plug, which was chosen by the Society of Automotive Engineers. It allows for AC and DC charging, is 43mm in diameter, and contains five pins. Designed for single phase electrical systems with 120 V or 240 V, electric vehicle connectors use a 1 kHz square wave at +/- 12 volts on the pilot pin (to detect the vehicle, communicate the maximum allowable current, and control the charging process). These connectors will often be located outside, so it is important that they are able to withstand environmental concerns like wind, rain, and heat. They are also equipped with many safety features like shock protection, connector pins located on the inside (so humans have no physical access), and pins that have zero voltage when not in use.

Technological advancements and growing popularity are helping consumers see electric vehicles as a viable alternative to their gas-guzzling automobiles, but it will take a while longer for them to truly compete. Right now, electric cars are just a great alternative for environmentally conscious drivers looking to make a change.

The Motorized Bicycles: How to Get One

A bicycle with a motor is commonly referred to as a motorized bicycle. This type of bicycle has a motor attached to it is used to assist the rider when peddling. These motors are electrically run. The motors on the bicycles can be small to assist the rider to propel the bicycle on tough terrain. Larger electric motors propel bicycles for longer distances. The electric power on these bicycles is supplied by rechargeable batteries. Bicycle with motor for sale are available in very few countries like Germany and China.

Building a motorized bicycle is a project you can do on your own in a few simple steps.

1. First, find a bicycle that is in good condition. This is because the motor will add-on an extra load on the bicycles. The bicycle should also have a carrier. This is where the batteries will be tied.

2. The second thing you should have is a battery pack and batteries. A bicycle with a motor requires batteries with 24 or 36 volts. The battery pack should have a charger to charge the batteries whenever they are low.

3. When buying a motor for the bicycle, it is essential to be strictly buying the required motor. The motor should have a bicycle chain sprocket. Most bicycle motors come without a sprocket. This type of motors requires a lot of modification to fit the sprocket and may break down after a short period of time. The sprocket size on the electric motor should also match the one on your bicycle.

4. Another piece of equipment needed for the bicycle is a throttle. A 1/aluminium steel plate and a single speed bicycle chain.

5. After collecting all the equipments needed, you can connect them to the bicycle. Connect the throttle to the controller. The motor is also connected to the controller. Using wires connect the batteries to the controller.

6. After connecting all the parts, turn the throttle to check if the motor is spinning. If it works the motor is ready to be fixed on the bicycle.

7. The motor is fixed on the bicycle triangle frame. The motor is aligned with the sprocket so as to power the bicycle. The controller is mounted to the bicycle frame from which it runs the electrical system.

8. Test the motor again before fastening the structure. If it runs, it means everything is fine. If not, carefully double-check the connection to ensure it is correct.

9. The throttle is attached to the handlebar and the battery pack is tied to the carrier.

10. Test the bicycle again to find out whether you can pedal and use the motor without any problem.

These bicycles are currently very costly and it would save you a lot of money if you are able to build one for yourself. You can engage your local mechanic to assist you with connecting the motor. The motor bicycle is still classified as a bicycle hence a rider should adhere to rules and safety measures that are stated for bicycle users. You should also be careful when riding by keeping the safety of other commuters in mind.

A Brief History of Electric Cars

While many people believe that electric cars are a fairly new invention, the electric vehicle or EV has been around for nearly two centuries. The first EV dates back to the 1830s. Several different models were built across Europe and America. Several versions were created as batteries improved. By the late 1880s, UK and France supported major development of electric vehicles. Camille Jenatzy of Belgium invented the fastest EV, which was clocked at 100 km per hour. Switzerland, which lacked the natural fossil resources of other nations, also supported the electrification on its railway system, reducing its dependence on foreign resources and helping to advance the technology even further.

In America, the first electric car was not developed until the late 1800s. The first EV of note was a wagon that held up to six passengers. William Morrison and A.L. Ryker designed this vehicle, and it is considered to be the first practical electric vehicle. Innovations in electric cars rapidly increased by the early 1900s. By the turn of the century, America was quite prosperous, and automobiles of all kinds were becoming much more popular. The first hybrid electric motor/combustion engine was made in 1916. These vehicles had an advantage over their competitors for a number of reasons. They were less noisy, and they did not have the smell and vibration associated with gar-powered vehicles.

EV's were quite successful in America through the 1920s. However, by the late 1920s and early 1930s, gasoline had begun to dominate the market. With the discovery of crude oil in Oklahoma and Texas and the development of the improved road infrastructure in America, gas-powered automobiles became much more affordable and popular. They could also now travel much farther and faster than their competitors. By the late 1930s, American electric cars had practically disappeared.

By the 1960s and 70s, the notion of alternative fueled vehicles and foreign oil independence became more known, but there was not much available on the market until the 1990s. With clean air legislation being passed by American government, a few major automobile manufacturers began announcing that they would be introducing some electric models into their lineup. Since the early 2000s, interest in electric and hybrid cars has increased. Automakers have slowly been moving away from fuel inefficient vehicles.

Since the end of the first decade of the 2000s, more manufacturers have been introducing entirely electric cars. Due to the increase in the cost of gasoline and the growing awareness of the importance of environmental consciousness, EV's have become far more popular, and it is likely that they will become even more popular in the near future.

Six Most Economical and Best Selling Hybrid Cars

If you are planning to go green, then you should take that passion and apply it to your automobiles too. Nowadays, you will find multitudes of fuel efficient cars that consume less fuel than regular ones, thus help in conserving the environment. These hybrid cars are equipped with a gasoline engine and an electric motor. But going green does not necessarily mean skipping out on style and exterior. As manufacturers now have started to combine both, hybrid cars are selling like hot cakes.

Here is my list of the most popular and top notch hybrid cars. The following six best selling hybrid cars have many luxury features too, which make them so attractive and expensive of course.

Toyota Prius Hybrid:

It is definitely not as large as the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid (mentioned later), but Escalade's sales are nothing as compared to the selling power of Prius. Actually, Prius is the number one selling hybrid car in the market. Green loving people adore it for its excellent fuel economy and exterior design which has become its signature style. The latest version is larger and more comfortable and also has solar panels on the roof (which do not ruin its overall look if you are concerned about that). The cheapest of all on the list, it has an attractive price of $24,200.

Cadillac Hybrid Escalade:

This fabulous car is a perfect example of how you do not have to skip out on the bling to save the environment. It is the world's first full size luxury hybrid SUV and hence has a whopping price of $73,850. I would not skip out on this one if I were you because it has features that are totally worth the price. It has a powerful V-8 engine and can seat up to eight passengers. Its high tech interior features include: an ultra-sonic rear parking assist, a rear camera vision and music control that automatically adjusts to background noise. It comes with a 25% enhancement on fuel economy when evaluated to the standard Escalade. Obviously, it does not save as much fuel as the standard smaller sized hybrid cars, but if you are looking to combine luxury, space and utility and a more environmental friendly vehicle, then I would highly recommend the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

Lexus LS600h

For those of you who would like to opt for a smaller yet equally luxurious car as the Cadilac Hybrid Escalade, this one is for you. It is the largest and most luxurious car produced by Toyota (which is Lexus' parent company). It is different and unique in both, external and internal aspects. The electric motor can power the car at slower speeds to save gas and provide a power boost to the gas engine fuel economy at its best. I would recommend this if you want to combine a thrilling ride with green driving. Its interior is equally beautiful with a combination of sleek leather and wood. Every Lexus vehicle has a Remote Touch Interface (RTI), but this particular 12.3 inch version is more eye catching than the road. It even has a rear seat entertainment system with an underarm cool rest for cool beverages. Obviously, with all these extravagant features the price of this car is $119,910 which exceeds that of the Escalade.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid:

If you are looking for a family vehicle that can hold a large number of people as well as luggage and is environmental friendly, then Toyota's Highlander Hybrid is the perfect fit for you. It can seat up to seven people as well as having plenty of space for luggage, sports equipment etc. It has a sophisticated powertrain with a 3.5 liter V6 engine accompanied with two rather than the usual one, electric motors. It gives you up to 37 percent more fuel economy. It is also quite strong externally and is able to weather rough conditions and uneven dirt roads without a hitch. Internally, as mentioned before, it is spacious with adequate leg room. It is equipped with the latest technology like, a "Display Audio" multi-media system with a 6.1-inch touchscreen and Toyota's Entune service, which offers apps like Bing search services, and Pandora music. The price $46,370 in my opinion is quite reasonable and affordable considering all the features it has to offer.

Honda Civic Hybrid:

Honda Civic hybrid is one of the most affordable hybrid cars in the market, therefore it automatically earns a place on this list. It is not very different from the standard Civic model which makes it difficult to distinguish. Its gas electric powertrain consists of a 1.5-liter i-VTEC inline-four that teams up with electric motor to give 110 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque. The exterior is the same as Civic but the latest model has been upgraded with slightly different features and a better interior too. The air vents have been revised and the cabin has been made more sound proof. Overall, the driving experience is also quite enjoyable; it is easy to handle and accelerates well. It is priced at a fair $24,360. However, lately its price has been trumped by the cheaper Honda Insight.

Toyota Camry Hybrid:

Another Toyota car on the list, which is hardly surprising considering Toyota offers some of the bestselling and popular hybrid cars. Similar to Highlander Hybrid, this all in one type also provides excellent performance and a comfortable and spacious interior. The engine is a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle inline four-cylinder gasoline combined with an electric motor. The car is available in two trim grades: the LE and the XLE. The former has all the basic features such as A/C, keyless entry, cruise control etc. The XLE is a more advanced version with extra interesting features such as a 6.1 inch touchscreen and a leather strapped steering wheel with audio control. Contrasted to the standard Camry, on the whole, there is a 26 % enhancement in fuel economy. The price is reasonable at $26,140 and the XLE version costs $1530 more.

A History of Hybrid Cars

As people become more environmentally conscious, gas prices begin to soar, and independence of foreign oil becomes more of a concern, hybrid cars become more and more popular. A hybrid automobile is defined as a vehicle that uses more than one source of fuel. Many of these vehicles use a combination of a typical gas powered internal combustion engine with an electric motor. While these vehicles were quite rare historically, they have only recently become more popular. Many automobile manufacturers now offer a variety of models that use this technology. While these vehicles still rely on gas, they can greatly reduce the amount of fuel used.

When automobiles were still in their infancy around the turn of the century, there were actually quite a bit of electric powered vehicles on the road. At that point, gas-powered vehicles did not dominate the roads in the way that they do now. Hybrid cars did not develop until about one hundred years later, at the beginning of the 21st century. While the first known model was developed in the 1960s, they did not become available until the end of the 20th century. The very first hybrid vehicle was introduced in 1900. It was initially an electric only vehicle, but a gas-powered engine was added to the automobile soon after, making it the first hybrid automobile.

The idea for this kind of double powered vehicle reemerged multiple times over the following decade. These electric and gas powered cars are well known for their better fuel efficiency and their ability to prevent environmentally friendly driving. These vehicles are built much in the same way as conventional gas powered automobiles, but the battery is much more prominent. These batteries are rechargeable, and they are used to power the electric engines that are installed into these vehicles.

While they do still rely on fuel to run, hybrid cars are certainly a step in the right direction. Since electric motors do not use any energy and typically only operate at slower speeds, this can greatly reduce your use of gasoline, particularly if you are only driving below 40 miles per hour. The battery also charges while the car is running, meaning you don't have to worry about doing any charging yourself. While these vehicles can be a bit expensive, the prices are getting more affordable. Plus, you may be eligible for a tax incentive, and you may find that your savings in gas money will make the investment worth the cost.

4 Benefits of Driving a Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and this trend can be linked to the governments higher standards for fuel economy. The Obama Administration has already finalized regulations that will require automotive manufacturers to produce vehicles that can achieve at least 55 miles per gallon. Hybrid vehicles are often confused with electric vehicles, which is a honest mistake because just like electric cars hybrids can run completely off electricity stored in batteries. The difference is that as the name suggests, hybrid vehicles have a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor that can propel the vehicle. Lets take a look at some benefits of driving a hybrid, like anything else there are pros and cons but this article will only focus on benefits created from driving a hybrid vehicle.

    1. Increased driving ranges. This is one of the most convenient benefits especially if your schedule is busy and time is precious to you. On average most gasoline vehicles range from 350 miles to 500 miles per fill up. Currently some hybrids can be driven up to 600 miles between fill ups.

    1. Tax credits. Hybrid vehicles are no doubt more expensive than conventional automobiles and this is why the government issues tax credits to people who buy hybrid vehicles. There are many resources on the internet related to tax credits for hybrid vehicles that are out dated and the easiest way to verify if a vehicle is eligible or not is to go directly to the IRS website.

    1. Reduces carbon footprint. If your environmentally conscious this is what you have waited for! Not only do you have a fuel-efficient gasoline engine but your vehicle can get you where you need to go with zero tailpipe emissions which im sure your aware of means less greenhouse gases being created.

  1. Less money spent on fuel. Sure you can argue that number this is a repeat of number one but seriously the biggest benefit of owning a hybrid is that they use less fuel. Cost vs benefit calculators that allow buyers to get a better grasp on just how long it would take to see any real savings and the answer is the second you start driving a hybrid your fuel expense will decrease.

Hybrid vehicles are just one alternative that vehicle purchasers have when choosing a new automobile and currently there are thousands of individuals who have decided to spend their money on hybrid technology. Hybrids only make up a small percentage of sales even though they offer many benefits but its safe to say that alternative fuel vehicles will continue to increase in popularity.

How Does a Placon Flow Track Increase Efficiency?

A placon flow track is a type of roller rack that is often used to increase operating efficiency. It offers a variety of benefits that make it ideal for a variety of different applications. Utilizing the FIFO method it makes inventory and product control more manageable. They can also help speed up the rate at which items are moved from one location to another. In many cases, a placon flow track is implemented to replace traditional metal roller tracks.

The first benefit a placon flow track offers over traditional metal rollers is maneuverability. The entire system is designed with easy to handle components which are made of lightweight materials. This makes it easy to move the track from one area to another with very little effort. If tracks need to be moved often this results in a significant amount of time and labor savings. Additionally, because it is so easy to move any mistakes that are committed during assembly can easily be corrected.

Another benefit is the placon flow track is user-friendly. It was engineered to be easily assembled without requiring any special tools or skills. This allows it to be a fully flexible and versatile system that can be implemented in any environment. As a result, it has significantly more possible applications than traditional metal roller tracks. Many traditional metal roller tracks require a significant installation process. Because the overall system is notably heavier welding is often necessary to secure the entire roller track. Not only does this make installation more expensive and difficult but it also limits the ability to move or alter the track once it is in place.

Metal roller tracks require varying forms of regular maintenance. One of the most common maintenance practices is making sure there is lubrication in all of the rollers. Without lubrication the rollers will eventually get to hot and stop functioning correctly. Placon flow tracks are designed specifically to operate without the use of any lubrication. This makes the entire system nearly maintenance-free.

A placon flow track is ideal for FIFO systems and picking systems. It allows for easy inventory management as well as package tracking. Since many workspaces will be moved from one location to another on a regular basis throughout the day, the high level of versatility and easy assembly makes the placon flow track a better solution than traditional metal roller tracks. As this type of track has grown in popularity the variety of available roller options has climbed to match the variety of available metal rollers.

Getting Off The Beaten Track

New Zealand is lucky in that it is a fairly small country in terms of land mass. It is often compared in size, (and many other ways), more or less, to the UK.

The difference of course is in the population of those two comparably sized countries.

Whereas the UK has a combined population of some 64 million people, New Zealand has around 4 million. So, that means that everyone in New Zealand has a lot more space, or does it?

They don't of course, because as in many other places, the residents of New Zealand tend to gather together in groups and build things. With Auckland accounting for 1.397 million souls, Wellington with 395 thousand and Christchurch very close with 375 thousand it can be seen that these three principal cities contribute more than half the total population.

Although the UK does have its beautiful and fairly remote places, the national park areas of Northumberland, Cornwall, Derbyshire and Yorkshire are all good examples of places where you can escape the hustle and bustle - at least until you get to the next pub or tea room; it isn't really a country that you would visit to "get away from it all".

New Zealand, on the other hand, is a place where you can truly escape the hustle and bustle. With most of the population tucked away in just ten or so large towns and cities, there are vast areas of New Zealand where you can explore and have it pretty much to yourself. You would, of course, want to avoid the really popular tourist areas because, although New Zealand has a small permanent population, each year there are around 2.5 million tourists arriving into the country, most of whom will, at the very least, take a peek at the beautiful locations that they have chosen to visit.

Whether you are a tourist, or a resident who would like to get off the beaten track every now and again, there can be no better way to achieve this than by packing everything you need, and even things you don't need, into a motor home and head off into the wilderness.

Motor homes have grown in popularity significantly over the last few years. They are the perfect solution for families with children although, having said that, they are also very popular with couples, especially those who have retired and want to spend time with each other.

New Zealand is also fortunate in that it has a large number of camp sites, many of which will accept motor homes and camper vans. Most have power, shower and toilet facilities but some do not so it's worth checking before you set off.

For some, perhaps quite a few, the attraction of a motor home lies in its ability to take you to places where the availability of power, toilets and showers is of little importance since you are able to take all of those things with you as they are built into your camper van.

Those who truly want to spend some quality time with mother nature will find a nice place to settle down for the night, with just the wildlife, beautiful scenery and each other for company and enjoy being off the beaten track.

Experience A Real Family Adventure On Wheels

Every spring break, every summer, you load up the family and head off to your usual vacation spot. It may be a cabin at the lake or a cabana on the beach. Maybe it's a week at grandma's with a stop by some of the same tourist attractions you've seen a hundred times but it's a week away from the rat race, with the family and gives you some quality time with the kids.. in between the complaints that they're bored.

Why not try something different next time? Hit the road in luxury and find new adventures! A 5th wheel, camper, RV or travel-trailer will not only give your family an adventure they won't forget, but you'll have the comforts of home without the rat race of home. Unlike the old-school ways of camping; unless that's what you want; they are loaded with amenities and features that are many times better than the budget hotels where you usually stay.

Find state parks and national parks where you can stay and enjoy the wide open space of nature. These parks offer lakes and hiking trails; many have organised guided walks for kids - no adults allowed. How awesome would that be to have the kids taken care of for a few hours while Mom and Dad just chill-out and relax in that roomy camper?

You can still go by grandma's too, just park in front of her house; it's just like you brought your own bathroom and bedroom. It may just be a relief for grandma this year!

Taking the family vacation on the road with a 5th wheel, camper van, RV or travel-trailer lets you see so much more than just hopping on a plane and checking into some boring hotel. With the sleeping quarters you bring with you, you know who's been sleeping there and how clean they are - no more guessing if housekeeping really changed the sheets!

Bring along the family's favourite snacks and the kids can have a game system, listen to their iPods or watch a DVD, all while going down the road. No more questions like "Where are we?" or "Are we almost there?" The kids can bring their favourite toys and even their bikes.

A family vacation, or just a quick trip away for the weekend to take a well-earned break is possible when you have a camper van. You don't have to worry about booking accommodation as you have your own onboard lodgings. You can park up for the night wherever you please, in the most interesting of places, with nothing but adventure waiting to happen.

You'll enjoy and remember these trips for years to come. They may very well be some of the best vacations you've ever had.

Using Your Elevation RV Toy Hauler Correctly - Things To Watch Out For

As the owner of an Elevation RV, you now have a multi-use trailer that you can use to haul your "toys" around to all sorts of races and outdoor events. It is more than just a mobile garage because you can use it in many more circumstances since it is highly versatile. Your toy hauler is definitely built for strength, stability and durability but you do have to keep a few things in mind when you use yours. They include:

1. Avoid having passengers ride in the trailer. The law concerning this varies according to the state and you should take the trouble to find out more about it. Even if you are permitted to keep a passenger in the toy hauler, you might have to make some modifications in order to ensure safety.

2. Invest in a very good WD hitch so that weight is distributed in the optimum manner. You have to avoid a situation where weight is distributed unevenly because this can result in a very dangerous sway even if driving conditions are ideal.

3. It is best to not do any modifications to the bumper or frame, especially if you wish to tow a trailer behind your toy hauler. Be prepared to void the warranty on the frame if you make any unauthorized changes. This can work out to be very expensive in the long run.

4. Make sure that the hitch capacity of your vehicle is appropriate to the loads you have to pull. If there is a mismatch in that the hitch capacity is limited then the engine will get overheated and mileage will reduce drastically.

5. Check the air pressure in your tires before each outing so that they are able to withstand the heaviest possible loads. If the air pressure is low then your safety and fuel economy will be compromised.

6. Avoid taking your toy hauler out in freezing conditions unless it is properly prepared for cold weather. Keep in mind that most toy haulers have high quality insulation to make them withstand cold weather but not freezing conditions.

Your Elevation RV toy hauler will give you the best possible performance as long as you take these simple precautions when using it. You should also ensure that it gets regular maintenance from a reliable service centre in order to keep it in excellent working condition. This will help you get the best possible value for money from your purchase.

Recreational Vehicles: Automobiles With Living Space And All Amenities

Experts categorize and differentiate automobiles on several basis and hence, dimensions and amenities are the factors that are considered important in the categorization. Among different existing automobile range, Recreational Vehicle, also known as RV, is an automobile that is trailer equipped with amenities and living space found in a home. Normally, RV consists of a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping amenities. Motor Home, Caravan and Camper van are the commonly used words for this type of automobile which vary enormously from one country to the other. These types of vehicles consist of:

1. Motor Home

2. Travel Trailer

3. Fifth Wheel Trailer

4. Toy Hauler

5. Pop up Trailer

6. Slide-In Camper

These automobiles are considered as temporary living quarters for recreational purposes. These are designed and developed for several brief leisure activities like vacations and camping. As already mentioned, RVs are made to take pleasure of temporary living and do not offer safe full-time living. Government of several countries does not propose or give permission to use these Motor homes as permanent dwellings. One can easily find these special vehicles in Campgrounds, RV Parks and Trailer Parks. Sometimes, these RVs are used as mobile offices by business travelers, which often include customizations like:

• Generator

• Upgraded Electrical System

• Satellite Internet

• Extra Desk Space

There are several different classes of Recreational Vehicles, which differ in multiple features. This makes them unique and one of the best creations of the human mind. These include:

Class A Motorhome: This is a special class of RV that is constructed using either a commercial truck or bus chassis as this RV class reassembles a bus structure that has a vertical or flat front end with large windows. This class of RV includes:

• Diesel Pusher

• Bus Conversion

Class B Motorhome: This class consists of camper van that is made using a conventional van in which either the back is replaced with a low-profile body, or its roof is raised. These RVs measure up to 6.4m in length and weigh 4500 kg.

Class C Motorhome: This class of RVs is made on the truck chassis with fixed cab section. Toy Hauler is typically included in a large Class C characterized by a distinctive cab-over profile. This cab-over consists of a bed and an entertainment section. These are also known as mini motor homes. Vehicles that are incorporated in this class are:

• Pop up Camper

• Truck Camper

• Teardrop Trailer

• Hybrid Trailer

• Travel Trailer

• Park Model

• Fifth-wheel Trailer

• Toy Hauler

• Hybrid Trailer

The RV lifestyle is quite famous among senior citizens as they often sell their homes and travel to warm climates during the winters. Such travelers are popular as grey nomads.

RV Windshield Wipers Blades 101

People often ask about replacing wiper blades. So we thought it might be a good topic to write an article to answer those questions. RV wiper blade 101 will be helpful in giving answers.

If one wants to ensure the optimal driving visibility while it is raining, one must admit having great windshield wipers makes it much safer. If one is like me, you do not replace them, and then when it is raining ask oneself why did not replace those the last time it rained.

No one does it, but one should check them more frequently than one does. Here are some great tips.

Inspect them once every other month. Nobody does this, but it will solve the problem of not having great wiper blades when needed. One can have them checked by a technician when you are getting routine maintenance done. When one is at a RV dealership or the gas station when one is getting fuel.

Change them at least twice a year. More than use, elements can damage your blades. Heat, wind, humidity, ice, dry storage are among the many things that can damage your wiper blades. Using them is usually not what wears them out.

Clean the rubber element every time you get fuel, or wash your vehicle. This little practice will extend their life. Please do not use them as ice scrapers. Many people use them to get rid of ice off the windshield. This shortens the life of wiper blades extremely fast. Use an ice scraper and one will reap the benefits of a longer life of your blades, save money, and have better visibility when you need it.

One probably need new wiper blades when you notice any of the following things. You notice uneven wiping on the windshield. Streaking or chattering when they are in use. You can visually see when the rubber blades get split or torn.

The best-known windshield wipers are made by a company called Tru-Vision. They produce wiper blades for recreational vehicles, buses, and other commercial vehicles. Usually you can find these at any recreational vehicle dealership or repair center.

The bottom line in regards to this maintenance is to check them more frequently than you do. You will never regret having better ones on your vehicle when it comes time to use them.They are very easily found online and at RV dealerships Best wishes for happy camping and great visibility.

Foreclosed RVs For Sale - 4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right One

Most people focus all of their attention on how cheaply they can get an RV rather than if it is the right one for them. So in this article I am going to share with you 4 simple tips that will help you choose the perfect RV for you and your family.

Tip #1 - Figure Out What Size & What Class RV You Want To Buy

There are mainly three classes of foreclosed RV's for sale you can choose from. Class A, Class B and Class C. The Class A models are usually the nicest ones. They are also the biggest ones. The class C RV's are also very nice. The big different is the size. They are a lot smaller than the class A's.

The Class B rv is more of a camper van. It will be small and not have as many features as the Class A and the Class C. However, there are two big advantages to purchasing a class B RV. Not only is it easier to drive, but it is also better on gas. Keep in mind bigger RV's will cost you more money to not only use, but maintain as well. That's why it is very important you choose the right size.

Tip #2 - Figure Out A Good Price To Pay

Once you know what you want you need to do a little research to figure out what the best price is to pay. Use the NADA and KBB to find price ranges. In this case we are focusing on auctions so be sure to use the trade in value as your guide.

Tip #3 - Find Auctions To Attend

Once you have done all of your research its time to find an RV auction to attend. You can find auctions that have foreclosed RV's for sale online and through local advertisement. You can also find them through banks and repo companies.

Tip #4 - Go To The Preview Period

Every auction has a preview period where you can go in and inspect the RV you are interested in. This inspection period is extremely important. It is your chance to see if the RV is worth your money. Look for signs of any water damage and any other major problems. The condition of the RV should dictate the price you are willing to pay. If the RV will need repairs that is extra money you will need to pay. That should be factored into how much you bid.

Once the inspection period is over it will be time for the auction to start. Make a note of the RV you want and bid on it at the appropriate time. Never go over the highest about you have set for yourself. If you lose the bid, bid on something else or wait for the next auction to come around. Never overpay. If you win the bid make sure you have the right form of payment. Before attending the auction make sure you know all the details.

Tips for Maintaining Your RV

You have been saving for it and have dreamed night and day for the moment when you would have an RV of your own. Now that you have it, the hard part comes, you have to maintain it to avoid there being any damage to it or you getting stranded and your dream soon becomes a nightmare. There are some basic steps that you can undertake that will help you to maintain your RV and to ensure that it will be there for you and will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. An ounce of prevention is well worth the trouble you may experience for a short time.

The obvious place is to begin with the engine. This is an important part of the routine as this will determine if you get stuck far from home or not. The basics that you would check on your car, you will want to make sure that you check on your RV. Tires, belts and hoses, the battery as well as looking at the exterior of the vehicle will ensure that everything is operating as it should be. After you have done this check, it is time to go inside and do a check of the vehicle.

Look at all of the elements on the inside. Check at doors and latches to make sure there is no wear and tear that is present on these parts. You will want to make sure that you check that the latches are actually latching and not acting as such and then you take a turn a little fast and half of the stuff that was put away becomes free from its container. This is a common issue that seems to get overlooked and not given a lot of attention. This will be an easy and quick check for you to do.

Go to the bathroom and look at the connections and fixtures to again ensure that you are not dealing with a case of something will break while you are on a trip. Connection or fixture breaks it can cause a mess, damages to your RV and can be quite expensive. A little prevention will cost a lot less than taking the time and money to have something replaced after it had broken without any type of warning.

Try to limit the amount of boiling on the stove. Boiling a lot with windows closed will lead to water collecting in parts of the RV as well as leading to stains that will form. You can easily avoid this by either using your microwave as much as possible, or open widows enough that the boiling water not cause condensation to form and run the risk of causing damage. This is true as well for when you are taking a shower. Try and limit the amount of steam that is allowed to collect inside the RV.

When you are done with a meal, make sure that you get rid of any leftovers and you wash the dishes as soon as you can. Leftover food can attract number of rodents as well as bugs. Keeping the inside clean will be very important to ensure that you are not taking any uninvited guests along on the trip with you. This seems to be the one area that many people miss the boat on and make this mistake on a regular occurrence. The next thing that they know, their home on wheels is being invaded by a number of unwelcome rodents and bugs.

Leaving liquids that can freeze and then explode is another horror that can often be avoided with a little care and time placed into thinking about this. Water, sodas and other liquids that can freeze is one of the biggest issues that a person will experience with their RV. It is not a comforting thought when you discover that the twenty-four pack of sodas have all exploded and made a sticky mess all over the interior of your RV. This can be avoided if you are thinking forward, and remove anything that could freeze and explode causing damage to the inside of your RV. If the RV will not be used in the winter months, then it is important that you take the needed time to do some basic repairs to the outside of the RV as well as on the inside to make sure that moisture from the exterior does not lead to any serious issues such as rotting leather or tires that wind up dry rotting. This only needs to be done about once every month to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Flush out systems and replace hoses regularly. Even if you think that everything is okay, it is a good idea that you go and replace hoses that have been around for a while as to avoid a sudden failure of these hoses while on a trip. This along with a basic tune-up will help to allow the RV to always run at the top performance that it can deliver. If you don't want to do the maintenance yourself, there are a number of places that can do this for you and will not charge an arm and a leg for the services. You may just have to look around a little to find these places in the area that you live in.

All of the mentioned tips will be vital in helping you to maintain your RV to the utmost of care and not lead to you finding your dream trip quickly being reduced down to a nightmare that you deep down wished would just end. This for the most part will be the biggest thing that you need to keep an eye on to ensure that your trip remains your dream. Taking a little care can provide a number of memorable trips.

Urgent RV Sales Are Sometimes Called For

There are really two types of people, those who go on vacation, and those who live on vacation. In just about any walk of life, you have the option of going about things in a ho hum manner, dedicating yourself to something within reason, or going all the way. In Earl's family, the philosophy on most of their hobbies, and especially the way they tailgate and vacation, is go big or go home.

There are those who arrive for a football game a few hours before kickoff, enjoy a hotdog, and then go and watch the game. Some people show up in the morning, eat and drink all day, and then enjoy some pigskin action. Earl's family shows up on Thursday for a game played on Saturday.

There is nothing new about groups of diehard fans that descend on college football venues a day or two in advance of the game. Sometimes they travel a thousand miles or more to enjoy a three-hour game. Of course, it is much more than just the game. It is the camaraderie, the atmosphere, and there is something special about caravanning as an army of fans to a hostile destination.

One year, a few weeks into the season, Earl's family faced an emergency. After years of use, their beloved Franny, the vehicle that they had taken to so many games over so many years, would go no more. Would they stop going to games for the rest of the season? Scale down the way and time that they traveled? No chance. Earl's family was dedicated.

RV sales are not usually something that happen overnight. However, in this instance, Earl's family needed wheels immediately. Thankfully for the family, Earl's dad knew a thing or two about the industry.

Franny was Earl's father's third recreational vehicle. He knew the brands, the features that he wanted, and because he traveled with groups of people who had almost every different model, he was very familiar with what was available, and what a fair price would be.

Deciding whether to look for a sales lot that focused on new or used RV sales was a big choice. Earl's dad opted to look at three different local lots. He was not against buying an old one, but he wanted to know about the history of the vehicle and get a detailed account of any repairs that had been made.

As it turns out, there is a real season for RV sales. As luck would have it, the season had just ended. That meant there were some really good deals to be found, and with great financing options, it was really a buyers market.

Needless to say, the family searched for a vehicle on Monday and Tuesday, purchased Franny's cousin Milly on Wednesday, and Thursday they were on the road heading for the next game.

There is something special about being one with the country, getting on the road, seeing friends and family, and all rooting for the same team. Having a vehicle that allows you to do that really makes for a unique and special experience.

How Do You Do Laundry in a RV

Full time RV living presents many challenges and laundry can be one of them depending on your budget and needs. While leaving the house behind and living on the road generally reduces your household chores and leaves more free time to do the things you enjoy, laundry may be an exception to that.

We personally have three children with us on the road, so laundry is a tad larger task than for most but many of our friends on the road have larger families than us. Either way it can be done frugally or with some flare; it really just boils down to your budget.

Here are some options when it comes to doing laundry on the road:

Got money to burn?

Splendide Washer/Dryer Combo

If money is no object, or you're just big on convenience, and your rig has the necessary facilities then you may choose to go with a Splendide Washer/Dryer Combo or a Haier Washer/Dryer combo. This units fit nicely into the allotted space in most RVs and are widely used by many nomads. These units will wash and dry your clothes with no manual intervention, but your average load size is decreased by their limited capacity. They can be a bit price prohibitive but their ease of use and convenience can offset that initial investment. With the continual increase of those full time RVing out there, I think we'll see more options in this price range over the next few years and their efficiency and price will likely improve.

Got some budget for laundry?

If you have some budget to apply towards laundry but not an endless amount, then this section is for you. There are many options available for the budget minded RVers out there with a little money to spend.

First and foremost, you can save yourself the headache of not having any equipment at all and doing your laundry at the facilities provided by the campground. Typically they cost $4-6 per load but we have seen them offered for less. Aside from not having the expense of the equipment, the units tend to be more of the industrial size so the loads can be larger on average to get more for your money. We have noticed that most machines are in good condition and perform the work efficiently. However, be warned, the larger industrial dryers get very hot and can damage certain types of clothing.

If you have a little money to spend but don't want to spend your time in the campground laundry facility, then you can begin looking into alternatives that make doing laundry manually easier without going to the expense of one of the big combo units mentioned above. These units are compact, inexpensive, and have above average reviews from consumers.

Panda Mini Washing Machine

There are options when it comes to these compact units but I will focus on one set in particular that seem to get the better consumer feedback. If you haven't noticed, I'm big on reviews. If others like a product then there's a decent chance I will too.

First is the compact washing machine. The Panda Mini Washing Machine is a relatively inexpensive option and consumer reviews show that this machine handles both light and heavier loads well. The loads are much smaller than you would run in a standard size machine, but this unit should pay for itself over the course of a few months.

Centrifugal clothes dry

To make the most of your new compact mini washing machine, you may want to pair it with a compact dryer. Centrifugal dryers are not necessarily a new product but certainly one that not many people have a discovered. With a good centrifugal dryer your clothes will get 90-95% dry with no heat. Here is the best valued centrifugal clothes spin dryer on Amazon. This product won't set you back too much and is efficient, effective and easy to use.

Need absolute frugality?

Are you pinching pennies? Many of us are and we need frugal solutions to every day expenses, and laundry is one of them. If you're doing 3 loads of laundry a week then you're spending an average of $60/month if you use the campground facilities. In a single month the following equipment will have paid for itself.


From the same company that makes the aforementioned centrifugal dryer comes the WonderWash. My family has personally owned a WonderWash for a year now and it really does a superb job. This unit is simple, effective and very affordable. The WonderWash is a manual unit and requires roughly three minutes of cranking for each load and several minutes of soaking. One caveat with this unit is that it does not wring out the clothes. One must manually wring them out by hand.

To maintain the frugal theme, there are a variety of ways to fashion a clothesline on your RV site. It can be as simple as a rope tied from the RV ladder to a tree, an expandable drying rack, or a homemade PVC drying rack which attaches to the rear of the unit.

Some Of The Best Reasons To Own A Motorhome

You have a home and a place to live, why on Earth would you want a motorhome?

Well depending on your time of life, there are many good reasons to purchase a motorhome.

When you have all the children at home and need to take those family vacations, it will be so more fun and considerably more convenient than booking hotels or motels. The expense of family accommodation can be quite prohibitive when you are booking several rooms for several days, not to mention the cost of eating-out three meals a day for the whole family.

When you own a motorhome, you are taking a little bit of home with you on the road, things which will be familiar to the kids and you can even take the family pet. There aren't many hotels that will allow you to bring your precious four-legged family member with you these days, due to the inconvenience to other guests and the possible damage they could do to a room.

If your time in life is before kids, with kids, after kids, or maybe even without kids, a motorhome is a great investment!

You can pack up and hit the road on a whim and never have to worry about booking flights or hotels again. Just pack up a few things and take off down the road to destinations known or unknown. You will get to enjoy the sights so much more when you travel at leisure and you can even take side trips to see places you wouldn't normally see on a guided tour or bus trip.

To summarize why you would benefit from owning a motorhome, here are a few good reasons to keep in mind:

  • No more problems with accommodation

  • You can visit some wonderful locations and even have dinner in your motorhome with the family at a beautiful beach

  • Take your family pet wherever you go; pet accommodation is always hard to find

  • Travel with some of your favourite home comforts because you have the room

  • See places and people you'd never normally visit and sights available only when you go off the beaten track

With a motorhome, you can install several different optional extras that just stay packed onboard, making it much easier to travel, especially with children on board.

No more traveling by car and being cramped up with the kids asking "are we there yet?" They will be watching the road go by in comfort or watching their favorite movie on the DVD/TV set up.

When the road gets boring or the weather turns sour and they can't get out to play, there are always the comforts of home or with video games to play and plenty of space for toys and books.

Your accommodation worries are totally eliminated so you won't ever need to call ahead and book a room or worry about getting bumped off a flight. Your motorhome is well-equipped with beds for all, a kitchenette, and bathroom facilities.

When you're not traveling, your mobile home can act as an extra bedroom when unexpected visitors turn up, they'll find it comfy and so well equipped.

Your motorhome is always waiting for you in the driveway, ready for you to pack up at any time and take the next journey and adventure that awaits you when you hit the open road.

Caravan Care Tips

When caravans are kept static that's when they stand the risk of extended damage. There are a number of steps you'll need to take in order to ensure that your static / standing caravan does not become a liability when the summer returns. The first thing you need to start with is annual servicing of your caravan's gas lines to keep them running efficiently. A fresh coat of paint should be enough in most cases to take care of cosmetic blemishes. Caravan owners should also drain the static in order to prevent rust and blockages.


Off road and touring caravans should be serviced at least once a year. This will enable caravan owners or the service person to spot potential problems with it. Regular damp testing helps to keep often expensive repairs at bay. You can also opt to get your caravan serviced in winter because it is then when workshops are not as busy but gives you a chance to get everything ready in time for upcoming spring.

The Tires

During the winter a caravan will end up standing in one place for an extended period of time. This will cause the walls as well as the inside threads of your caravan to crack. In order to prevent this from happening the wheels will need to be turned on a regular basis, this will require a tire saving device underneath it.

Electricity and gas

All lights on the inside need to be checked on a regular basis, failing bulbs and holders should be replaced immediately. This is because a flickering fluorescent light can cause extended damage to the fitting. Ideally, caravan owners may want to consider switching to LED since with LED they can get longer backup time on battery.

External lights also need to be checked because many states will require that these lights be operating properly. Check external lights for dirty lenses, damage, and cracks. Also fuses and dim bulbs should be replaced on a regular basis. Occasionally spray the contacts of plugs and leads with WD40, and the battery should be charged every 5-6 weeks when the caravan is not being used. Also when not in use gas bottles as well as other appliances need to be turned off and winter covers should be used to cover the caravan.

Hitching and braking

The breakaway cable needs to be in perfect condition. Check the fastening mechanism and cover it with WD40 so that it does not become rusty. The handbrake and jockey wheel should also be operated a few times a week just to keep things running. The jockey wheel shaft should be re-greased if it feels stiff.

Blinds and furnishing

When your caravan is not being used the blinds shouldn't be left in the down position since this will put lots of pressure on the mechanism. Blinds are also reflective so leaving them down can melt plastic windows owing to the buildup of heat. Moisture traps should be setup around furniture and the kitchen to prevent damage from moisture.

Getting the Best Gas Mileage Out Of Your Conversion Van

Conversion vans do not boast best-in-class fuel mileage numbers like they boast the number of fun adventures had, but they can offer fuel economy if maintained regularly. The typical conversion van will get approximately 12-16 miles per gallon (mpg), depending on the model. Let's explore factors that effect fuel economy and how to get the best gas mileage out of your van.

Conversion Vans and Fuel Efficiency

Weight is a primary foe of fuel efficiency. Most safety technologies have added weight. Hauling around more weight means engines need to produce more power.

Mark owns a 2002 Chevy Express high-top conversion van. He drives the van roughly 70% on the highway with cruise control on, and the rest city driving. His van is equipped with a wheelchair lift, which adds weight. "My gas mileage is 10 mpg."

Susan owns a 2001 Chevy Express 15-passenger van on a 1 ton chassis. "I purchased it used with nearly 40,000 miles. About four years later, I got a tune-up at 91,000 miles. My van still averages 10-11 mpg." Her van's 30-gallon fuel tank allows for a total trip of 390-320 miles before she needs to stop for fuel.

According to The U.S. Department of Energy, Mark's and Susan's Chevy Express vans should be getting 14 mpg, combined city and highway.

If you ask different owners of the same conversion van models, they are getting 15 to 18 mpg. What is their secret?

Weather conditions (wind), van maintenance, road conditions (hills, traffic congestion, etc.) and driving city or highway are among the factors affecting your van's gas mileage. City driving brings the average down real fast. The only mileage that you can reliably compare between vans is highway mileage (with no city) at the same speed.

8 Helpful Tips for Conversion Van Gas Mileage

Gas mileage for any vehicle is affected by driving style (if you are an aggressive driver, for example), speed, driving conditions and vehicle maintenance.

Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas and can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. Sensible driving is safer for you, pedestrians and other drivers, so you may save more than just gas money.

While each van reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed (or range of speeds); gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 50 mph.

Each 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is like paying an additional $0.25 per gallon for gas.

Here are tips for ensuring you get the best fuel economy:

  1. Make sure your tires are inflated properly.

  2. Verify that the engine air filter is clean.

  3. Spark plugs. Do you have the right ones? Is the gap right? Check the three in the front; they are easiest to access.

  4. Does the torque converter lock? When you're driving at a constant speed of about 40-45 mph the converter should lock, so the rpm's drop by about 500.

  5. Check the engine oil and transmission fluid levels. Have oil changes been done regularly, or is the engine clogging up?

  6. Avoid excessive idling. Idling can use a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour, depending on engine size and air conditioner (AC) use. Turn off your engine when your vehicle is parked. It only takes a few seconds worth of fuel to restart your vehicle.

  7. Use cruise control. Using cruise control on the highway helps you maintain a constant speed and, in most cases, will save gas.

  8. Remove excessive weight. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your mpg by up to 2 percent.

How to Calculate Your Conversion Van Gas Mileage

The best way to calculate your conversion van's gas mileage is to divide the miles driven (as registered on your odometer) by the gallons of fuel used. You can also use the trip computer miles-per-gallon calculation, if your van model is equipped with one.

Life Is More Fun With a Conversion Van

The family car may be reliable, but it isn't the most spacious and comfortable ride for long road trips and vacations. Sure, you could rent an RV, but that land yacht can be too expensive and it's nearly the size of a city bus!

A conversion van is your answer. It's a step down from an RV, but not in efficiency, style and comfort. If you like the aesthetic style of today's RV, consider the 2012 Chevrolet Conversion Van Explorer Hi-Top. It is a spacious van with a gorgeous exterior, black with a wrap-around ground effect. The front of the van has a mesh chrome grill, as well as 20-inch premium chrome wheels, giving it high-class style. The high-top roof provides more space and the ability to stand in the vehicle. On each side of the van, there are passenger doors allowing a more comfortable way of exiting the vehicle, similar to an RV.

Best of all, the van is affordable enough for purchase so that it can serve as a practical family vehicle. Although practical for a trip to the grocery store, it's an entertainment center on wheels ready to take the kids camping or tailgate at your sports event with friends.

A conversion van can be built to your specification. Even pre-owned vans can have luxury options added to suit your needs. Most are already equipped with a GPS navigation system, perfect for those road outings near and far.

If you search online for travel blogs created by enthusiasts, you quickly learn that these fun vehicles have a huge fan base. People love them!

"I bought my first van to go travelling back in 1997, before I found my career as a web programmer, so I hadn't considered using it as an office. Our current van I bought last year, mainly to use as a family campervan, but with the bonus that as I always work from a laptop, it makes a very good mobile office," said Rick Hurst, conversion van travel blogger. "It's no different than driving around in a minivan or SUV."

It's fall-time for football, which means tailgate parties, and a drive into the mountains to view fall foliage. Whatever your fancy, there's no time like the present to select your conversion van in order to enjoy these fall fun activities:

Tailgating. High schools, colleges, and professional arenas across the country hold football games this time of year. Tailgating is a tradition at football games, and there's no better addition than a conversion van. No need for friends to meet you at the game in separate vehicles; everyone can fit in the van along with a portable grill, cooler, camp chairs, blankets and sports team gear.

If your child plays sports or attends school or little league games, how cool would it be for you to roll up in your van decorated for the game? Kids and parents alike would enjoy visiting your van to share in the fun.

Fishing. Fall is a popular time for trout fishing. Alone or with friends and family, fishing trips are made better by a conversion van. You can travel in comfort. There's plenty of room for your fishing gear, grill, cooler, food and drink. Distance is no longer an issue because near or far, if you decide to stay overnight, there's no need for the expense of a hotel room or the chore of pitching a tent; you can sleep in the conversion van.

Road trip. You are hard pressed to find a better vehicle for road trips than the conversion van. It's smaller than an RV, making it easier to handle and park. You travel in comfort with everything you need, whether it is food and drink or a place to take a nap. The GPS navigation system will ensure you don't get lost on your adventure. If you don't want to miss your favorite TV show, you can park and watch from your van's LCD hi-definition television.

Are you a frequent traveler? If so, you can order a conversion van complete with a stove in order to save costs eating on the road.

Camping. We all need to escape the office, computer, cell phone, and daily grind. Camping is one way to get back to nature with family and friends, and relax. Erecting tents can be a chore, and sleeping on the ground quickly loses its appeal after the first night, especially if it rains. If you own a conversion van, you have a dry, cozy bed in your van.

Caravan Accessories for Your Second Hand Caravan

Are you looking to buy a second hand caravan? Do you need an affordable one?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then the following tips should help you a great deal:

Scrutinize the Caravan

Here's what I mean: before thinking of buying a second hand caravan, ensure you survey both the inside and outside of the caravan for any damage that could cause you problem down the line. You should check for rust and structural damage.

What are you selling?

That's the first question to ask. Before paying for the caravan, ask the owner why they're selling as well as some documental proofs that they own the caravan in question. They should have the maintenance history of the caravan, its registration and if it's not a very old model then the handbook.

Always Ask for a Safe History

Before going for a second hand caravan, request a sale history from the caravan owner as that will provide you more in-depth information. Check the sale history for major accidents, theft and missing number plates. All of this decreases the value of a caravan and can be used to negotiate a lower price.

Check for Legal Issues

Before giving any money to buy a caravan, ensure you have it checked for legal issues. Take a note of the number plate and call the local police to confirm if the caravan was involved in any sort of criminal activity (or stolen).

Before you go around searching for a caravan make sure to keep the following in mind:

Plan Financially

Before you even take a look at second hand caravan, ensure you know exactly how much it's going to cost and make deliberate plans to get the funds.

Before buying anything, always ensure there's a budget. There' must be a set budget. This is to help you avoid over-spending.

You Need the Right Mindset

Before buying or going to look at a caravan, it's best to be in the right mindset. In fact, it's good to go with your gut instincts or seek specialist advice (whenever necessary, not at all times).

Have a Specialist Look over the Caravan

Before going to take a look at a second hand caravan, hire a specialist to look over the caravan (to ensure it's in a good state). If your specialist mechanic finds any issues ask the seller for an explanation. Also, you may want to walk away from purchasing a caravan with major issues.

How to Buy a Second Hand Caravan Online

Bid Wisely

Prior to making a bid on a caravan online find out everything about it. This is an essential part of buying online because once you make a bid it's difficult to back out.


Before bidding you should ask the seller if you can inspect the caravan first. This way you can be sure the product is in a good state and is worth the bidding price.

How A Minivan Can Be A Great Choice For Your Family

During these modern times when you expect people to choose style over comfort or wants over needs, look around and you will notice that minivans are dominating the road fast. Although choosing to ride in a minivan does not mean that you lack style and it is not what you want, driving luxury cars are still on the trend but minivans are gradually overtaking the sales records just because this type of vehicle offers amazing benefits, especially to a family.

So, should you wish to forego your wanting for luxury or sports cars, you do not have to go any further and settle with a minivan. Actually, you can find a line of luxury minivans that are also hitting the sales of the manufacturers real good for the extravagant features they come along with.

Going to a destination as a group has become the trend recently. May it be to save time or fuel, you can surely tell that by riding in a minivan, you have the convenience to go altogether rather than to arrive and compromise schedule. Apart from that, one group does not have to miss out on all the fun the other group has just because they are not all in one car.

Being a car for a big group does not diminish the fact that it is very hip in all its features. Just when you think that you can only find a great sound system or TVs and DVD players in a sleek car, well, you can definitely have this kind of entertainment in your van. There are also vans that have swivel seats and a collapsible card table to complement with these features.

And of course, since the minivan has a family in mind with its design, your kids will definitely have security and safety in a minivan. Adhering to the country's safety standards in Australia, minivans are anti-bacterial so you will keep it completely sanitized for your kids. Also, there are cushy seats, climate control, lots of leg room, and many more features for safety that comforts, you can focus your eyes on the road as your drive as you let your kids enjoy the protection the van grants.

Now, since a minivan is largely for a family or group of people, the designers of the van also expect that you travel with cargo that needs a substantial amount of space. This is why the van is intended to supply the need for that space as it is able to hold enough for your things and for ease in movement among the passengers.

Conversion Van: What Does That Mean?

A conversion van is a product of third-party companies outfitting a new full-sized bare cargo van with various luxuries.

They are perfect for families, especially for road trips.

Ask current van owners about their van and they will tell you they "LOVE IT". Many would say it's the best kept secret in the car business. It holds a large family in comfort and they are just cool cars.

First, they're the same length of a suburban with the same engine block and transmission with a ton more interior room. They have infinitely more features than an Escalade, Navigator or Denali and cost less... yet hold their resale better than any of the other three.

Seriously, a conversion van is the way to do cross-country trips. Pull-out full size convertible sofa, sink, gas hob, fridge, storage space, and good sound system are just some of the basic features.

One huge draw for a conversion van is the plush seating, providing the opportunity to lie down or recline on long trips, which really helps when you have family members with arthritis or fibromyalgia, or kids.

Conversion vans came into style during the 1970s and 1980s. Unlike the VW buses the hippies made popular in the 60s, most were used for basic everyday transport.

After the mid-80s, luxurious interiors featuring thickly padded seats, wood trim and luxury lighting began to appear in conversion vans as families and retirees started using them for road trips and camping.

Conversion vans also started including things such as sleeping accommodations, cooking utilities, televisions and other items.

Today, conversion vans can be equipped with almost any electronic device and include infinite luxuries.

Conversion Types

Several different types of vehicles are classified as conversion vans.

Travel Van- These are the standard conversion vans and the only type offered with low tops as well as high tops. A typical travel van will accommodate seven passengers on one rear bench, and four captain's chairs. Often, the rear bench electronically folds flat into a bed. These vans normally have large windows with shades, storage cabinets, and flat screen monitors have eliminated the need for special cabinetry to hold the TV. High-end stereo systems and other electronics are typical, including multiple game systems.

Disability Vans- The van has any or all of the following structural modifications that enable a person in a wheelchair to use the van: raised roof to allow proper clearance through the door, or lowered or dropped floor to allow adequate head clearance. In all cases a platform lift is added to either the rear doors or passenger side doors to enable the person in a wheelchair to enter/exit the van. A lowered floor modification can be done just in the cargo area to save money whereas a full lowered floor is one in which both the cargo area and driver/passenger area are lowered. Standard lowered floor conversions are 6" and 9".

Office Vans- These vans are built such that the back is a small office with a desk and chair bolted to the floor, an electrical outlet, docking stations for your electronics, flat screen monitors and maybe one or two seats in the back for passengers. These are extremely popular for traveling salesmen and TV camera crews.

Motorhomes "Class B" Vans- Sometimes referred to as campervans, Class B vans are built on a full size cargo van and are sometimes lengthened a couple of feet. Lengths range from 17-20 feet. These vans have more features that enable traveling, such as a toilet, fridge, microwave, sink, side sofa, popup canvas top that allows standing up, and stove.

Things You Need To Know About Van Breakers

An online breaker's yard combines all the value of your local breaker's yard with all the convenience of online shopping. Online breakers save you the hassle of having to find a breaker with exactly the part you need when you need it. A quick search on van parts will bring up a wide range of options and many online breakers are now adapting their sites for smartphone use and creating smartphone apps so you can check out van spares without having to leave your van. Here are a few tips about making the most of online van breakers.

Check the shop's reputation

A shop's Google ranking is a good place to start. If a site has generated a lot of negative publicity, this is likely to be reflected in a lower ranking. Do a quick search on the shop's name and see if other people have made comments about it. Have a quick look around the site itself. Does it appear to have been designed with the customer in mind? Is it easy to navigate. Look for sites with a clear commitment to customer service. Their contact details should be obvious as should their policy on returns and any guarantees or warranties they offer.

Check shipping costs both for sales and returns

A good site will make these clear, but it's up to each customer to check for them. Ideally a site should offer a "no questions asked" return for a certain period after purchase and then a reasonable warranty period. It may well be, however, that you will need to pay return shipping costs if you decide you simply want to exercise your right of return and the seller may not refund you the original postage. Some sellers will only accept "no faults" returns in exchange for a credit note rather than a cash refund.

Check shipping methods

How quickly can you get the part if you need it in a hurry? How cheaply can you get it if you're not. Do they use a dedicated courier service or a service such as Yodel or Hermes, where the drivers are amateurs who fit deliveries into their spare time?

Check payment methods

The mainstream payment companies i.e. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal all have buyer protection policies in place, which means that even if you do have a bad experience with the seller, you still have a decent chance of getting your money back. If, however, the seller only uses more minor companies or even if they just recommend you to them, then it's worth being a bit more cautious. Please be aware that even if you use a Visa or MasterCard to fund another payment method, their protection policies only cover you for that transaction. For the actual transaction with the seller, you would need to depend on the policies of the company which transferred your money to them. You may still have the option of recovering your money through legal action but since most people would probably prefer to avoid this, it is best to look for sellers who accept the major payment methods in the first place.

Tips on Choosing the Right Van for Your Business:

Choosing the right van can be quite difficult, especially when there are a lot of models. There are some vans that would fit your requirement, others won't. It is very important to choose according to one's requirement. Different model fulfill different requirement. In order to get the right one, we are going to entail few important things you should consider.

Number of people to be transported:

There are three kinds of wagon available i.e. small, medium and large. The number of people which are to be transported should determine the size. Small one can transport 2 people, medium up to 5, and large one comes in different capacities. It is recommended to purchase the most comfortable. For this very reason Ford transit crew and Renault Kangaroo Maxi cab is highly recommended.

The Type of Cargo to be transported:

Most of them come with certain pre set requirement. Like the amount of weight to be loaded. If you are going to use it for transporting heavy items, then it is recommended that to choose the right one. This is important because if in case one is over loading it then a hefty fine could be imposed.

Fuel Economy:

Companies are mostly looking to decrease their expenses. Transport cost can be in thousands. For instance if a company owns 100 vans, the daily expense would be thousands of pounds. By purchasing a fuel efficient model over here, a huge difference could be made. It also depends on how one drives, but the bigger factor is the model. Ford transit achieves around 23 MPG. It is considered as the most efficient van.

The Access Point:

The point where luggage has to be entered is also very important. Different vans come with different excess points. Like in some, luggage could be entered from the back; side door could be used in others. Now if you are planning to move large items, then purchase one with a larger boot. On the other hand if this is not the case then go for a smaller one.


Budget is also very important while purchasing a van. One should be able to choose the most appropriate one that fits their budget. Another way is to get them on lease. All you have to do is to pay monthly rental cost, and after 3 to 4 years those vans are replaced. This is lot cheaper then purchasing one. In this way the repair cost is saved.

How to Improve Your Van With a Fit Out of Van Parts

The specification of any van today is much improved compared to those manufactured some years back. With every year comes more and more extras for example, air conditioning, central locking systems, audio systems, power steering and windows, safety features, comfort packages and lighting options.

With all these features plus more optional extras designed to improve the life of the general tradesman, why consider improving further? Well, whilst the cab of the van has come a long way in terms of both design and functionality, the large space at the back of the van could be improved, fitted out and designed to suit the needs of the user.

The cost of any van is something that needs to be considered carefully by any tradesman or company. There needs to be a return on investment. The same goes for a fit out. Dependent on requirements, fit outs can be fairly costly so why bother? Well, there are many advantages. The van will be more suited to the users needs by increasing storage space, providing usable work bench space, protecting tools or cargo and providing easy access to tools or other items. The overall safety of the user may be increased due to a purpose built interior and the professionalism will shine through, improving the reputation of the company.

So if you are considering a fit out then what are the options? If you already own your van and would like to modify it, then fit outs for aftermarket vans can be installed. If you are purchasing your van new though, the option to have the van kitted out before you take ownership can be arranged also. One advantage of the latter is that everything for the van is made to measure and factory fit. This also means that when you come to resell the van, factory fitted options can be advertised and the warranty of the van usually covers these extras.

That isn't to say that warranties cannot be sought for aftermarket fit outs too. Many companies offering fit-outs for vans offer a warranty for their systems. An advantage to these also is that often there are more features, choices and options from which to avail.

There are many features to consider and if you are serious about a fit out for your van, a comprehensive design that covers the requirements of the user is highly recommended at the planning stage. Items to consider include racks, shelves, work benches, toolboxes, bins, trays, drawers, lockable cabinets, extra seating, pull outs, cable holders, mini fridges and washing facilities and many more.

Safety aspects should also be considered to ensure the users' ergonomic suitability and the fit out should include first aid kits and fire extinguishers, positioned at the most suitable exit.

Protection and return on investment are also key considerations. Coverings should be added to protect surfaces and the future scenario of changing vehicle should be considered whereby the fit out will be either be sold on with the vehicle or transferred to the new one.

The New Face of Conversion Vans

So many people confuse today's custom vans with the old VW with murals on the sides. If that's what you are picturing, you are not alone.

Though they have been around a long time-they're not limited to what your grandparents created in the 60s or even what your parents bought in the 80s.

If you haven't seen one lately, you are in for a big surprise. With today's custom van, the sky is the limit as far as amenities go. If you can conceive it, conversion companies can build it!

Whether you are looking for a travel, a camper or a wheelchair van, you should consider purchasing a conversion van, they start out as an empty shell direct from the factory, and are then professionally converted using your chosen design options.

Purchasing a new conversion van can be a little like purchasing a new home, but without all the costs. Custom conversion means exactly that -customized transformation of the vehicle.

You don't have to settle for one of a half-dozen cookie cutter models the manufacturer decides to offer. The vast number of options offered by the conversion company far exceeds anything from the manufacturer.

Conversions are extremely popular due to their variety of uses. You can choose any make or model of vans available on the market today and outfit your vehicle with everything you could ever desire to suit your style and taste.

Any van that has been customized for comfort can be considered a conversion van. These are really luxury vehicles used to transport 6-10 people in comfort. They can have some of the features of a "Camper Van" or "Class B Motorhome" but are typically more upscale and designed for daytime use and luxury transportation. These vans may have a raised roof, fancy paintjob, custom wheels, leather seats, Captain's chairs, dual stereo, TV/VCR combos, etc.

For a real luxury van, consider buying a Limo van conversion. These beautiful conversions offer the ultimate in comfort and style and are large enough for the entire family.

Conversion vans are even available via the Internet so that you can order your custom conversion van from the comfort of your own home and even have it delivered right to your door.

Choose your chassis and have your new Chevrolet va conversion, GMC van conversion, or Ford van conversion built to your exact specs. New conversion van orders typically take 2-4 weeks to be built.

Show Some Tender Love And Care For Your Vehicle With Car Shampoo

If a man is really a gentleman, he should know how to care for his special girl. It is not really an issue what year your car was manufactured and released or what model it is or even how much power it has got under the hood. It does not really matter if you only reserve her for the weekend or if she is your everyday workhorse. How you shower her with TLC is actually the only thing that really matters.

Put it this way. Your car's exterior is bombarded with various elements on a daily basis, from industrial emissions to acids, from bird droppings and leaves to the sun and the rain. All of these can wreak permanent damage on your car's body. And the longer it takes before you wash these off your car, the larger the extent of the damage becomes, which can include pitting and rusting.

While harmful particles can be eliminated by washing your car with water, they can remain trapped. If you are still not convinced, there are actually a number of substantial reasons why should washing your car should be part of your weekend or daily routine.

Regularly cleaning your car and applying car polish on it is the easiest way to protect your investment in your car. This allows you to get a higher resale or trade-in value for it when you go on the market for a new one. Washing your car regularly keeps you safer on the road. As you clean your car's windshield, mirrors and signal lights, you can see better on the road. Another surprising benefit of regular car washes is that it helps improve fuel economy. A clean car also has less wind resistance which translates to lower fuel consumption. Finally, you'd feel proud riding a car that is clean and well-maintained.

Here are a number of tips for you to keep in mind in cleaning your car. The very first thing is washing your car from top to bottom. Doing so will enable you to minimise the risk of scratching the finish of your car. Furthermore, rinse the wash cloth, brush or sponge that you are using regularly to avoid residues from accumulating in them as these sediments can easily scratch your vehicle's surface or leave swirl marks. Second, it is always best to make use of a hose that has a spray nozzle that can make it possible for you to control the flow of water and conserve it at the same time. And finally, choose products for cleaning cars that are manufactured for such purposes.

How to Keep Your Fuel Costs Down

With the cost of fuel rising, it is becoming harder to keep control of petrol/diesel expenditure - especially if you have rented a hire car, and they charge you for fuel usage. Follow these top tips to keep your car as efficient as possible, and save money at the same time!

1. Slow down
This seems obvious, but many people still drive too fast and wonder why they are using excessive fuel. Driving at around 50-55mph rather than 70mph is much more economical. Be careful though as driving too slowly on motorways and other busy roads is very dangerous - just as unsafe as driving too fast!

2. Change gear properly
A lot of people drive and rev their cars really high before they change gear. Try to shift gear around the 3000rpm mark, and get into fifth as soon as possible. Driving at 35mph in third gear not only uses up a lot of fuel but also bad for your engine.

3. Don't brake excessively
When coming to a roundabout or traffic lights, there is no need to brake so quickly. Slow down using the gears and sometimes you may not even need to stop. When you do have to stop and wait though, put the car into neutral rather than in gear to save a bit of fuel (and cramp in your left foot!)

Avoid braking when you don't need to, drive 100yards or so behind the person in front of you, then when they brake you have a bit more time to slow down.

4. Be cool (but not too cool!)
Using the air conditioning clocks up a fair amount of fuel consumption, so try to keep the usage to a minimum. Remember though, driving with your windows open on motorways and busier roads causes drag from the airflow and ultimately uses just as much fuel as the air conditioner.

5. Check your tyres
Having fully pumped up tyres can be beneficial to your car's fuel economy. Tyres lose about 1 PSI every month so make sure you keep topped up, having the correct pressure and tread can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 3%.

6. Unload your baggage
Carrying excess weight in your car can cause unnecessary fuel use. Extra weight = extra fuel. Lighten the load by taking out anything you don't need for that trip. It might not seem like a lot but you're doing your bank account a massive favour.

7. Check your air filter
When your air filter gets clogged with dust and dirt, it has to work harder and therefore uses a lot more fuel. Change the air filter when necessary so you can get more from your fuel in the long-term.

Finally, consider if you actually need to drive. It isn't just better for your wallet to walk or cycle instead but it's much more beneficial for the environment and your own fitness.