Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Protect Your Surroundings With Zero Emission Electric Cars

There is a common belief among the great people "There is no point of living a life of a human being if you have not done something remarkable." The biggest problem of the present time is the environmental pollution. To solve this issue, a number of people throughout the globe have come forward to create awareness for our mother nature. Going green does not mean that you have to start doing green acts. For this, there is a need of shift in consciousness. This shift makes you distinguish choices that you make is whether in favor or against the type of world you wish to see. Avoid using certain things as it will surely make you achieve your dream world. Your wisdom will be stored in your efforts towards saving the environment.

The idea of protecting our surroundings and reducing the pollution levels around us is not limited up to campaigns, socialists, environmental activists and other people who have a soft corner for the environment. There are several automobile manufacturers who seriously understand the problem of environmental pollution and have started thinking ecologically. Everyone blames automobiles for emitting greenhouse gasses that have majorly affected our surroundings. To vindicate themselves, several auto manufacturers have started introducing battery operated vehicles to save our planet earth. These battery operated automobiles are also known as Electric Cars.

Electric cars are well projected transport solution that has left gas pumps behind. These cars present the gasoline-free survival of tomorrow with the must-haves of today. To be precise, an electric car is a means of transportation that runs using one or more electric motor employing electrical energy amassed in energy storage devices or batteries. One can experience smooth and powerful acceleration in these cars as the electric motors used in them give immediate torque.

Nissan Leaf is one of the leaf-shaped automobile that works on the concept of battery operated cars. It gives the toy like impression to the people due to its lumpy style. This car is absolutely affordable with zero emission features. Among electric cars, the Chevrolet Volt is predicted as the first step of the American Automotive Industry towards the plug-ins market. It is truly an American Car that makes the country people feel wonderful. Another famous name in this category of cars is Ford Focus EV which gets charged up within 3 hours.

There are several benefits associated with these electric cars. These zero emission vehicles not only offer you ease in driving but also make you fulfill your promise of preserving nature. The several other benefits include:

Silent: The best feature of this electric car is its silent nature. There is no ignition takes place as a result of which no sound is produced. This feature in cars will lead to the formation of "Silent City".

Trouble-free Preservation: As there are no or few moving parts, the electric car maintenance is quite easy. These vehicles are less prone to damage and hence, no frequent oil changes are needed.

Hale and Hearty Surroundings: Electric cars do not affect the environment in any way as these are free from harmful gas emissions.

Tax Benefits: Government is also making efforts in encouraging people to go for these vehicles as those driving electric cars are given tax benefits. Even tax credits are offered to those who buy hybrid or electric cars.

Fuel Efficiency: These cars help in keeping the rates of petrol and gasoline down as their demand will be reduced. These vehicles are battery operated. Hence, there is no need of buying gasoline which will also contribute in their preservation for the future generations.


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